12 bad pictures taken on Mars god of Mesopotamia

Welcome to the magnificent Mars of the Trick Art Gallery.

When 19th-century Italian astronomer Scrielli looked at Mars through modern telescopes at the time, he was surprised to find out what a straight line structure looks like. Once again, the American astronomer Lowell called it the “Martian Canal!” “Earth was at the height of Mars for some time.

From Mars, the ever-squirrel-friendly woman, the mysterious woman dressed as Yara, really (maybe) we’ve sent a lot of pictures that don’t seem to exist. If Mars wants to discover life on Mars, it will present its hopes and aspirations as if it were a giant Rorschach test.

In the first place, the quality of images of Mars taken by satellites and rovers is poor and it is difficult to get a sense of distance. So maybe we just apply what we’re used to seeing in a different world.

Martian human rock

Mars of mistake, it may be the most famous.

Regarding this image, captured in the vicinity of Viking No. 1 in 19,9, NASA described it as “a giant rock crust that gives the impression that the shadow of the eyes, nose and mouth Creates confusion, and gives the impression of a human head “. doing. The length is over 3 km.

Of course, the discovery of that time, “This ruins the Martian civilization! But those who jump to conclusions and” Do I have a lot is just a rock, or because then a picture taken from a hill of a different angle came out was.

Nowadays, this parade is a typical example of the Doria effect presenting a face on an inorganic object. For people with trypophobia, these small black dots are quite disappointing.

This is a scene that makes me want to say that garbage is not good, but it is also a Mars trick.

Either NASA’s curiosity investigation ruined a Martian’s picnic, or coincidentally formed a strange rock. What is more mysterious is that spoon shaped other shapes have been discovered.

Is someone in the distance SOS?

In 2016, the image of the Mars probe Curiosity taken at the Kimberley point of the crater “Gale”, all nailed to the sight that the curse is rising. I was told that it was a message from the Martians who built the underground empire, but in the end it turned out to be a reflection of light created by the interference of cosmic rays.

It would be nice to have a Martian campfire. I burned smores. Apart from how the fire burned in the atmosphere of Mars, where there is no oxygen.

Mars Gold Bullion

gold Rush! Mars though!

This photo, taken by the spacecraft Curiosity in November 2018, is a very precious and precious metal. While we were exploring the Vera Rubin Ridge, we unfortunately think that it is a nickel-iron alloy meteor rather than gold. The same metallic meteorite was also found in 2015 and 2016.

Blueberry on mars

In 2004, NASA’s Mars probe, Opportunity seniors, found the perfect pebbles while exploring the Meridian Plain. It has a berry-like color, so it is nicknamed “blueberry”.

Although NASA officially named them “spherules,” they describe the scattered terrain on Mars as “like blueberries in a muffin.” Small spheres vary in size, with a large diameter of 602 micrometers and a small diameter of 100 micrometers.

Although there are various theories that it is due to the concretion of hematite particles formed by water, the impact of meteorites, and the fact that it was made from calcite minerals, it is a mystery how this blueberry was made even 16 years after the discovery. .. For the time being (probably) not organic.

Only bones

No, it only looks like the bones of a human foot.
Is it a stone? It depends on you which one you see.

A cute squirrel on Mars

Once you see it, it’s nothing more than a squirrel.

On September 28, 2012, Curio City filmed a rocky area called “Rock Nest.” Scott Waring, a hawk-eyed man and UFO researcher, quickly noticed the squirrel and commented, “There are also cute rodents on Mars.” It looks exactly like the ground squirrel, with its body exactly on the ground.

Of course, it’s just a stone. But once you see it, you can’t see the squirrel anymore.

Plastic trash

Immediately after arriving at Mars, the Mars probe, Curiosity, discovered a plastic dust-like thing on the surface of Mars, and examined it.

The people at NASA had no choice but to look up at it, but I thought that it was a piece of plastic that had come off the curiosity itself.

I was relieved that it was not the littering of Martians. By the way, I discovered another plastic-like thing in 2018, but it seems that it was a thin piece of stone.

Beckoning woman

This is the result of NASA’s rover “Spirit” taking a panoramic photo of the crater “Gusev” on September 5, 2007. A mysterious woman with her right arm sticking out in front of her body as if sitting on a rock …

It seems like he’s beckoning, it’s like Kyonshi, and it’s a horror.

It’s just an illusion like the ground squirrel above, but the impact is that you don’t want to move to Mars all at once.

Good night, the god of Mesopotamia

UFO scholars say that one of the Martian probe, Opportunity Senpai, shot in 2010 in the crater “Concepcion” looks like a god worshiped in the New Assyrian Kingdom of ancient Mesopotamia. I can see pillows and futons.

Good night, god. You can sleep with peace of mind for a while. It will take some time for humankind to reach Mars.

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