beautiful babies during pregnancy Look at pictures

beautiful babies

I often hear people say that looking at beautiful baby pictures will give birth to healthy and beautiful babies in the future. If you want to have a boy, buy a baby boy, and if you want to have a girl, buy a baby girl. This is based on the well-known “law of attraction”, the stronger the desire, the more wonderfully you will realize the things you dream of.

Scientific argument: pictures of beautiful babies will affect mothers mood

beautiful babies

In fact, the appearance of the baby depends mainly on the genes and inheritance of both parents, but beautiful pictures can ease the mood of pregnant women, and the baby in the abdomen can also be well-sensed, which can promote the physical and mental health of the fetus.

1. The expectant mother is happy

beautiful babies

The happy mood of the expectant mother can promote the excitement of the cerebral cortex, so that the secretion of blood pressure, pulse, breathing, and digestive fluids are in a stable and coordinated state, and the baby will be healthier and more beautiful.

2. Expectant mother worries, the baby will become ugly

beautiful babies

If the expectant mother is always in bad mood, it will affect the appearance of the fetus. This is because, in a state of emotional tension or agitation, the release of a chemical called acetylcholine in the body increases, which promotes increased secretion of adrenocortical hormones. Especially in the first 3 months, it is an important period for the formation of fetal organs. If the pregnant woman’s mood fluctuates for a long time, it may cause fetal malformation and even miscarriage.

Pregnancy Pregnancy Education: Imagination of the baby

Therefore, when a pregnant mommy sees a beautiful baby picture, the mood will generally be pleasant and comfortable, at this time we may wish to borrow the idea of ​​prenatal education. It can be said that the conception prenatal education is suitable from the beginning of pregnancy until the child is delivered. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the early pregnancy reaction brings uncomfortable feelings to pregnant women, and it is easy to affect the emotions of pregnant women. The concept of prenatal education can help pregnant women to have a calmer mood and develop the fetus in an ideal way.

Pregnant women should often imagine beautiful things, such as famous paintings, landscapes, beautiful music, literary works, and beautiful scenes in movies and films, as well as joyful scenes of traveling with their families or playing with children, and often put themselves in a happy state of mind through imagination. in. Read more useful books to pass agile thinking and rich associations to the fetus. You can also do some things to cultivate fun, such as knitting, cross-stitching and other hand-made so that the fetus is influenced by art.

1. Imagine your baby’s face

beautiful babies

Pregnant mothers can take a small imagination journey before going to bed or when they sit down to rest. The imaginary object is your cute and healthy baby.

Pregnant mothers can gently touch the belly with their hands, while imagining that this is the baby’s small hand, these hands will become slender and dexterous in the future, able to play beautiful music or draw beautiful pictures… and can also imagine the baby will in the future There is thick, dark hair, bright, clear eyes, a tall and handsome nose, a mouth that always likes to smile… These direct images outline, pregnant mothers can imagine it, maybe this imagination can really change Into reality.

2. Draw the baby

beautiful babies
From conception, couples can discuss together to design the image of the born child: take the most ideal and characteristic parts of each person’s appearance, such as the husband’s broad forehead, handsome sword eyebrow, wife’s big eyes, high The high nose bridge and well-defined lips are combined to imagine a cute image of your future baby.

During the mother’s pregnancy, the mother and the fetus are psychologically and physiologically connected. If the image of the child is often conceived, the mood will be at its best and it will be transformed and penetrated into the fetal body and mind. This degree is more similar to the fetus to be born. In our daily life, we can see that many ordinary parents can give birth to very beautiful children. This is related to the fact that mothers often strengthen their children’s image during pregnancy.

3. Write down what you expect from your baby

beautiful babies

You can imagine your baby’s cute face while thinking of your baby’s growth. What kind of person do you want your baby to grow into? At this time, is it full of anticipation, a lot of words want to talk to the baby? Then raise the pen, write down the expectation of the baby, write down what you want to say! It is both a reminder to yourself and a wish to the baby. It can be used as a growth gift for babies who grow up in the future.

4. Paste a few beautiful baby pictures

beautiful babies

It is the wish of all parents to have a healthy and beautiful baby. In order to better realize this wish, pregnant mothers can post a few pictures of their favorite babies at home, take a look every day, use this baby picture to make associations, and imagine the appearance of their baby.

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