best way to sleep with back pain Unexpected new discoveries by experts

best way to sleep with back pain

“SLEEP sleep technology that creates the best brain and body” that summarizes 21 sleeping methods that are hot topics in the United States. In this series, we will introduce the main methods of this book. Meal, bed, sleeping position, pajamas. Pay attention to the “sleep technology” that maximizes brain performance by recovering from any fatigue!

Be careful of your spine when sleeping!

You may be surprised if you need to talk about your sleeping posture. Most people think that if you put your body in the bed with your hips down, the rest will be decided. I don’t think that the posture when sleeping is important. It’s natural to do that for a long time, so it makes sense to think so.

However, the posture when sleeping is important. It can be said that it is also very important. It is important to take a posture that stabilizes the spine when sleeping.

A good chiropractor will tell you that the central nerves that run on your spine are directly connected to all the major organs in your body. If the spine becomes strangely distorted and the exchange of information between the brain and the body is interrupted, serious problems may chronically appear. Also, some of these problems can be a source of adverse effects on sleep.

There are various postures when sleeping, and people try to sleep soundly in their favorite posture. There are many postures that make you feel comfortable in the bed, such as starfish poses, fall poses, and warrior poses.

Even if there are various postures, one or two can be set when actually sleeping. Check the figure to see which posture you are trying to take.

The poses in the figure are basic, and there are many variations. Now let’s take a look at the best posture for sleeping.

The strongest sleep method that super recovers all fatigue and maximizes brain performance.

[Main table of contents]
1 Sleep affects everything in life
2 Make sleep hormones yourself
3 Review how to use electronic devices
4 Caffeine has a curfew at 2pm
5 Lower the body temperature
6 Sleep between 10 pm and 2 am
7 Prepare the intestinal environment
8 Create the best bedroom
9 Enrich your night life
10 block all light
11 If you want to sleep soundly, you have to exercise
12 Do not bring your smartphone to your bedroom
13 Drop excess fat
14 Best Drinking Practices That Help You Sleep
15 Your best sleep depends on your sleep posture
16 Getting Started with Mindfulness for Sleep
17 Do You Really Need Supplements?
18 Get up early to maximize brain activity
19 Massage helps sleep
20 this is my best pajamas

21 Make your body touch nature

The best sleeping position with your back

When you ask an expert what kind of posture you should sleep in, most of the answers are that you should sleep on your back. There are several reasons to back it up. First, the optimal posture for the spine is on your back (strictly speaking, there are some things to watch out for, but we’ll get to that later).

If you lie on your back, troubles in the digestive tract such as acid reflux will be less likely to occur. In addition, even for people who are highly interested in beauty, there is a merit that if you lie on your back, skin breathing on your face will not be blocked, so that breakouts and wrinkles are less likely to appear.

On the other hand, sleeping on your back increases the risk of snoring and sleep apnea. Gravity lowers the base of the tongue and blocks the airway, making it difficult to breathe normally. Also, when you lie on your back, your throat weakens, so it becomes easier to close your throat while you sleep. If you have too much fat for your skeleton, the fat around your throat may prevent you from taking in air properly. People with these problems should get rid of excess fat and sleep in a non-back position.

Supine is the right choice, to be fair. However, it is hard to say that it is the most comfortable posture. There is no doubt that the spine is in a safe posture, but if you make the following mistakes, it will not be the best posture for sleep.

High pillows are bad for the spine

Some people sleep with their beds full of pillows. You can put multiple pillows as decorations, but you don’t have to use them all when you sleep. If the pillow with your head on your back is too high, the natural curve of your spine will be distorted. This can cause pain in your neck, back, head, or worse. Also, because you have to cross a high mountain called a pillow, blood flow to the brain remains bad overnight.

When sleeping, it is a natural posture that your head does not rise too high. The only time you are asleep is when you don’t have to desperately pump blood to your brain. If you can’t sleep if the pillow isn’t high, I want you to change your habit right away. A tall pillow is bad for your back and brain..

Tired mattress is NG

Seriously, it’s much better to sleep on the floor than to sleep on a worn mattress. Mattresses naturally support the body. It shouldn’t be too strong, like a floor, or fluffy and too weak. But you don’t need the best mattress in the world. The natural curve of the spine should not be distorted when the body sinks into the mattress.

Sleep technology to create the best brain and body

  • Become a body that is easy to burn fat
  •  Create a bedroom to prevent aging
  • The optimum room temperature for sleeping is 15~20℃
  •  Relying on “10pm energy” makes you sleepless
  • Sleeping position is best on your back
  •  Mastering 4 modes of EEG
  • Sugar should be suppressed, not fat
  •  Night exercise does not help sleep
  •  Drink water as soon as you get up in the morning

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