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restoration hardware store I love the contrast between the light gray arrowwood and the brass bottom base it’s on my way into New Jersey, I realized there was a Restoration Hardware outlet I passed it and people that know me I know that I love home decor interior decorating I said decorating that design decorating I love all of that stuff so to go into it’s okay they are like I have very few like basic pleasures in life I love fabric stores and I love home decor stores like home goods and I love like West-Allen Restoration Hardware like I can go to these places and I can literally spend hours just walking around Restoration Hardware is very expensive and I like them they’re pretty pricy and to see outlet I had never been and actually you know outlet so hey guys so this table is the first thing that caught my eye when I walked into the the lesser restoration 5e about 16 inches wide really nice table I love that it’s thin you’re also gonna see one next to it that has the same type of wood but it has a different base but it’s also nice [Music] so here is just a wall display of the barstools you’ll see them again when I go to the ones that are actually located on the floor I absolutely fell in love with the mirrors my favorites were the round ones and the one that in with the fine fancy details like I thought this mirror was so gorgeous I wanted to move them around but I’m not that good with delicate items in a store that’s a completely different story for a different day [Music] okay now I’m in the rug section and the rugs are really nice so there were only two rugs that stood out to me and that was this one which was surprising because I’m not a huge fan of Chevron but that popper blew really did it for me I really like 

that um the next one was a black rug I’m not into black that much with home decor but I think it was the pattern that really caught my attention so those were really the only two rugs that I really really liked they stood out to me let me say there so now I’ll be showing just a few um sofas this is not their entire sofa a section it’s just a few and then we’ll go to some chairs and then back to sofas a little later on in the a video so right before we get into these barstools let’s check out these two guest chairs and that desk like it’s really cute I like that so here we are at the barstools, they had a good selection of bar stools overall I really liked all of them my favorite I thought well the ones that I thought was the cutest I like the black one with the cross back it also came in green even though the back is a little different but it’s basically the same story I like those and I think they would be good for like an outdoor breakfast bar get you some Sunbrella fabric and make you some nice little brown cushions to sit there to make it a little comfier and I think it would be perfect there’s also another one back here on the far-right and I’m coming to it now it’s all the way on the end down there the back of that and I just like that because it reminds me of a di rector’s chair but ultimately I would always choose comfort over anything so these two chairs, in the end, are like perfect because they’re practical for me because I’m like I need to be going so now we’re here.

 these are very snazzy like I thought they were really cute but they’re just not practical enough for me maybe for like a young adult a team but the way mine I just I can’t as promised we are heading back to the sofa section and check out this chocolate beauty here to greet us I love their sofas they’re spacious and they are comfy but I will never purchase one for myself can I just be real with you guys, seriously I love their sofas and me think they’re gorgeous but they are absolutely too low to the floor my sofa has to have legs I do not want to ever be put in a situation where I have to rock about three times and then do a complete full roll just to stand up from sitting down on the couch but this is not a hidden treat eration hardware because I absolutely love their couches and I wouldn’t mind life blessing somebody with one day but for myself I would never purchase one of their couches for myself [Music] this is my absolute favorite couch out of all of them why because it’s huge and you can get a lot of your friends on it and it’s perfect for game night [Music] [Music] I’m not sure why but this desk really stood out to me I’m normally not a huge Marvel fan but I love the contrast between the marble and the brass so I looked at this desk and I said you know I could see myself sitting here working it’s really nice I thought it was cute so I have been eyeballing these plants since I had walked into the store gorgeous they can fool anybody because they look realistic I can definitely see a couple of these in any living room in the corner I mean just anywhere yeah they’re really nice you know who else have really nice flower arrangements that looks so real Pottery Barn but that’s another video for another day but yeah for these were gorgeous next to our wardrobes and storage the thing I love about Restoration Hardware is they make their products with quality like it’s not flimsy like if you pay $10,000 trust me it’s worth it it’s like quality materials that they’re using to make their things like everything is just quality and that’s why I like them sometimes you can go into a place and it could be pricey but the quality is not there and I’m definitely not here for that but I don’t mind paying a high price for quality pieces and that’s what I feel like Restoration Hardware offers this cabinet here very sturdy very heavy adorable the shelves are really deep you can get some nice baskets in there for some extra storage or some neater storage and I think it would be perfect like from anywhere for media or for your bedroom life I just think it’s a good storage area [Music] absolutely love I know I’ve been saying I love everything but I’m really a fan of mirrored furniture and I think this is an awesome combination here I am loving the vanity if I didn’t get anything else I would love to get the vanity’s just gorgeous like I just love mirrored furniture so I thought this was really really cute one detail I definitely forgot to mention guys this is an outlet store and when I came in and I saw the prices I was like how is that I outlet price but an associate did approached me and told me that everything in a store was an additional 50% off of the price tag so keep that in mind so this bed caught my eyes that this was a nice bed frame I thought it was very beautiful very elegant chic I just loved it it had a salt stick on it so somebody hurried up and snatched it up and I don’t blame him I thought that was really cute very nice that I would love to put that in like a guest bedroom so here are some more beds and we’re gonna see more beds over to the next side of these beds right here but right now let’s take a look at this dresser I love their furniture like I said it’s very durable very heavy like you’re getting.

item restoration wow your money’s worth here and like I said everything is 50% off of this price tag the drawers are extremely deep I love that you can get so much storage in there and I just love that about their products like it’s really really really adorable like I feel like it will last you like a lifetime so here we are at the Seoul s is a section so this section basically just had like a bunch of headboards and bed frames and I wanted to get more pictures of the prices but I’m new to blogging and I’m absolutely learning all of this for myself like the editing and everything like I’m learning all of that myself and so please just bear with me I have patience because when I get in stores like this, it’s like a candy store for me so I’m not focusing on like the angle of the camera or giving you guys information I’m like I got the camera open but I’m also like drooling at everything around me so please just bear with me but we’re only I’m only gonna get better and better forward only so here we have some tufted headboard which are really really nice I’ve always wanted to make my own tufted headboard but I’m like am I over that I just might be over there it just might be so um again if you check out their beds you see they’re really really low to the ground yeah so I’m not sure I’m not really a low to the ground person that’s already told you guys but here guys I love these bedside tables out that they were gorgeous my favorite part was that they were the difference the contrast and the materials like we have the gold at the bottom and then the actual table itself had like it was like a fabric almost like a textured fabric the only the thing I didn’t like about this the collection is I didn’t like how they put the circle details on the little handle to pull like the drawer pulls the little circle details they put on a bedside tables but the dresser drawers and the chest roll drawers didn’t have it they have more of a simple handle and I can understand because their drawers are very heavy so those circles probably wouldn’t be durable enough to pull that drawer out so maybe that’s why they did it but yeah that’s another benefit that was cute some more dressers over here and this is another good this was another textured um dresser I really liked that that was nice and then here we are approaching the same collection that we saw on the another side is just in a different color and I was like wow I know which one I like better but I love them both but again I really feel like the slaw eat a love the round drawer hole would have been so good on all of that I think they should have put it on all of the pieces like I feel like it would’ve just brought so much more to this collection what you guys think let me know in the comments do you think did you like the straight handle with the other ones or do you agree with me and like they should have put the round handles on like yeah so here we are some more beds over here in this bed caught my eye guys look how dramatic it is I absolutely adore a dramatic bedroom I could just see this I’m not really feeling how low the bed is but I’m loving the tall canopy posts like beautiful I can just see like some um velvet draping hanging from that, I think like a nice green would set it off like kelly green or even a hunter green like the right shade of green would just make this pop and you know what another color I thought about with the draping I also thought about a red or burgundy velvet draping on that will being beautiful maybe you guys think something different let me know in the comments down all for the feedback I love talking decorating this stuff is so cool my nose is just like some medicine cabinets like the kind you put in your bathroom and this is more of like the bathroom area so this here guy my eye too and it is a double sink for your bathroom and it has a marble top it’s that marble but I felt like sleep so I don’t know if it’s like asleep marble like I don’t know what the the correct terminology is but I loved it because of the army the durability I just thought it was and I just thought it was nice so yeah but that was that was the one that caught my eye out of the bathroom sinks and we are nearing the front of the store now and that’s a wrap thank you guys for watching, please don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and also don’t forget to hit that notification bail thank you guys so .

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