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In a conflict over technology, the character usually faces a war against technology that has become too powerful, or is used for evil by some other force.

Character vs Technology

The character versus technology struggle is a new classification of externalities, especially due to the popularity of so many novel books and films, which are coming with technological advances. As our technology advances, we have the ability to create anything with our own potential. The use of this technique for its own purposes, the threat of a tyrannical government, is always a popular topic in these books and films.

In a typical character versus technology scenario, heroes usually have to find a way to save the world (or their own life) from a technology that has become disastrous. Sometimes it involves robots, alternative worlds, genetic changes and mutations, or other science fiction-like disasters. In other scenarios, the technology seems profitable in the beginning, but the way it does is better and more harm than good. And it should be fixed or it should be fixed. Sometimes it is a promising way to communicate using medical treatments or technical implants in the human body to communicate.

Unless common, a character versus technology conflict in the literature may also be a character who mentally or physically cannot progress in technology, or they dislike those advances because it frustrates them. is. This is seen in Mitch Albom’s novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven, when Eddie expresses his frustration at Ruby Pier and the society’s advances from the techniques he used repeatedly. Every ride is so fast, and is expected to be more or to be crazy. While Eddie can fix the machines, he feels confused and leaves the youth behind by his charm.

Character vs. technology examples
Robert Louis Stevenson’s Astrange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Sh. Dr. in the scientific field of medicine and experiments in Utterson. Jekyll’s lineage reveals the horror and eventual sinister Mr. Hyde while Dr. Jacquel was trying to experience the dark side that made his conscience clear, the practice of eventually turning into Hyde eventually overtook him as progress in his experiments led him to no return, and Jackall eventually found himself, They make as Hyde, where they drink.

Arthur C. Clarke warns about the possible effects of the technological war’s progress in his short story “If I Forgot, O Earth …” Marvin and his father go to see the Earth from their colony on the Moon , The only surviving group at that time, humans in their universe using nuclear weapons were the Great War on Earth, which has left the Earth unprotected to go back many generations. Clarke leaves the reader with the hope that humans will one day return, as long as they remember why they should put the colony on the moon: the hope of home.

Victor Frankenstein never did any harm from his experiment in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, however, the simultaneous stitching of the doctors’ bodies from a cemetery gave rise to a monster. While Dr. While Frankenstein thinks he is doing a revolutionary work, in which he has used to bring to life the recently discovered mysteries, his demons spread fear among himself and the people of the city. The demon eventually turns to its creators and attempts to avenge her by creating her and indulging her in a life of slander and solitude.

In George Orwell’s novel 1984, technology is used to spy on the citizens of Oceania, and to control every aspect of their lives. Winston and other citizens are seen in his apartment by telescreens; There are listening devices all planted in the city; The face and voice of Big Brother spreads throughout the day on TV and speakers; And Winston’s own work in the ministry of truth is to change the news of the past to fit the new truths of that day. Finally, the room above Mr. Kerington’s shop where Winston and Julia discover the hidden television is about their unlawful episode, and they go to the authorities.

In Lois Laurie’s novel The Survivors, Jonas lives in a society that seemingly: no crime, the weather is regulated, and heads to determine people’s businesses and futures at any time of the elders and The ability to speak at any time, anywhere, to transcend Yonas’ nostalgia reveals an advanced level of technology that is almost mysterious. However, the use of this technology to control the people of his society and those children Is done to kill those who are not endowed.
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