Corona: Discovery of the first life-saving medicine


A team of medical researchers in the UK has been shocked by the effects of the steroid ‘dexamethasone’, one of the drugs given to patients with the global epidemic corona virus, which has saved the lives of one-third of critically ill patients.

According to the AFP news agency, the effects and results of this drug are being described as an extraordinary success in the fight against corona disease.

A team of medical researchers at Oxford University administered the commonly available dexamethasone to more than 2,000 critically ill patients. Among them were patients who were on ventilator.

According to preliminary results, the drug reduced the mortality rate by 35%, while dexamethasone saved the lives of one in five patients on oxygen.

On the other hand, the British Health Minister Matt Hancock has said that dexamethasone is being used immediately for corona patients in the country.

He said that when the positive results of this drug started coming out three months ago, it was started to be stocked due to its abundant availability in the country.

Matt Hancock said there are currently 200,000 courses of the drug available in the UK, which will be used in collaboration with the National Health Service to treat people affected by the epidemic.

According to AFP, a team of Oxford researchers said that a daily dose of dexamethasone could save one in eight patients on a ventilator and one in 25 a patient who needed oxygen. Required.

The trial also included 4,000 patients who did not use dexamethasone during treatment.

Peter Dexter, a professor of medicine at Oxford University, said: “Dexamethasone is the first drug that has been shown to be successful in saving the lives of patients suffering from coronavirus.”

Professor Peter Harby said dexamethasone was low cost and could be used immediately to save lives worldwide.

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