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digital technology merit badge

to get the digital technology merit badge so this is another one where it has like different requirements but there’s also sections like ABCD stuff like that so I thought I was going to be short because there’s only nine requirements but this like ABC for each requirement so it’s kind of like environmental science which if you don’t know that I actually made a video on how to get them airbed so that will be in the description but it they’re essentially laid out the same where there’s like this many requirements but there’s so many like sub requirements for each requirement so you just got to make sure you know which requirements you’re doing so you don’t get lost cuz that happened to me I got kind of lost in requirements I was trying to do so just make sure you that you know which subdivision of requirements you’re doing moving on to the first requirement I’m for digital technology you can see there’s a cyber chip because the first requirement says to show your counselor your current up-to-

date cyber chip and I think the thing about cyber chip is that they expire annually so every year you need to redo it and they when you’re doing it you need to recharge it by completing the certain requirements based on your grade level so the cyber chip for each grade level that you’re in there’s different requirements and they’re not really more difficult it’s just more in depth and more detailed stuff that you have to understand about cyber security and stuff like that so going on the Boy Scouts of America site WWC org I want to find more. 

information about the cyber trip and this one sentence here really explains it it says to help families and volunteers keep youth safe while online the Boy Scouts of America introduces the cyber chip so essentially it’s to help you to understand the dangers about cyber bullying a cell phone use texting gaming identity theft most I can describe it is essentially just bad things that I’ll try to access private information though try to just literally shut down your computer just for the sake of shutting it down which makes no sense why would anyone would do that but it’s out there so you just got to be careful when you’re online and this teaches you some of the basic things depending on your grade level as I mentioned before there are different requirements for the different grades so grades 1 3 3 and it’s going to be a little simpler so they can understand at their age but as it gets – let’s say grades 9 to 12 like me it’s it’s not harder it’s just more in depth and more in detail of how just need to be careful so that’s what the cyber chip is about just to make sure you understand the different things that can happen to you all online so that’s what the cyber trip is for and once you get that you can have the first requirement done in digital technology ok requirement number 2 says to do the following so you need to do all of thes.

e sub requirements a says to give a brief history of the changes in digital technology over time and discuss with your counselor how digital technology in your lifetime compares to your parents or other adults lifetime so I usually searching up like technology from back then compares to technology now and I’m pretty sure all of you have learned that like in the 60s and 70s an entire room of computers and stuff is less like computing power than your phone so it’s just weird to think like how much it’s compacted over the years and how much more. 

efficient it’s been to be just to describe what kind of computers or devices you imagine might be available when you were an adult I usually think of like Tony Stark and his little swipey things in the air or you can just like expand his I don’t know it’s kind of weird to explain but he has little screens that just pop out of nowhere and you can just click it’s kind of like a tablet in the air but there’s nothing there so I usually think of that or you know like

 fully functioning in independent a eyes or their they can like literally walk and have their own feelings that’d be kind of cool but that’s what I usually think of so 3 just says do the following again you need to do all of these a says to explain how text sound pictures and videos are digitized for storage and be describe the differences between lossy lossless data compression and give examples where each might be used 3c says to describe to digital devices and how they are made more useful by programming D is discussed similarities and differences between computers mobile devices and gaming consoles and lastly e says to explain what a computer network is and describe the network’s purpose so that’s it for 3 moving on to number four says to do the following again you need to do all of them a explain what a program and/or software app is and how it is created B name for software. 

programs or mobile apps that you use or your family uses and explain how each one helps you so just a couple of the ones I usually use I usually use the clock app where I can set alarms or different things like telling me to wake up in the morning and stop sleeping in or taking just doing like certain chores like taking the trash out stuff like that another app I use the memo app because I have random thoughts a lot so I just write them down on that it’s just it’s not really useful but I use it a lot because I usually have random thoughts so those are just a couple of things but you don’t need to use mobile apps you could even use like software programs to so let’s say Windows Movie Maker I use Windows Movie Maker a lot because I need to edit my videos and if I didn’t have that program I don’t know what I’d use because honestly I haven’t been searching for another one for a while so when does .

moviemaker as a big software program that I use and it helps me because I can edit my videos for C it says to describe what malware is and explain how to protect your digital devices and the information stored on them so just a simple explanation I can think for this is like VPNs and stuff malware basically is like stuff trying to get into your computer just like the bad things that people say that are online that’s what malware is essentially that’s just a simplified version that I know that’s not the actual definition I use a VPN on my phone so I don’t get my phone hacked into because yeah VPNs yeah and number five says to do the following again a describe how digital devices are connected to the Internet be using the Internet find ideas about how to conduct a troop Court of Honor or a campfire program so with the troop code of honor and campfire program you need to print the copies of the ideas from three different web sites and share what you found with your counselor and explain how you use the search engine to find this information so like how you would search it up how would you determine which sites to use stuff like that and this back to number five.

that was just requirement B requirement C says to use a web browser to connect to an HTTPS secure web site since you explained to your counselor how to tell if the site security certificate can be trusted and what it means to use this kind of connection okay so let’s say that I’m online I’m on the on the World Wide Web and I’m on a search of the requirements for a digital technology so for five C the requirement says to use a web browser like Google which I did to connect to an HTTPS secure web site so up in the top left you can say HTTPS and explain to your counselor whether the sites security certificate can be trusted and what it means it’s use this kind of connection if you click on this it says that your connection is secure so it says your information like passwords or credit card numbers is private when it’s sent to this site so when you’re logging on to different accounts and things and it says it can save it in the browser when when you go on a site it can access those things we want to

 make sure the site is secure what either either won’t access those things or if it does access them it’s only to access it to save it not to give it out to other people sometimes if a site is insecure not only does the website have all your information saved it can also give it out to other people and that’s never good if like a lot of people know your personal information so just make sure that when you’re on websites the connection is either secure or your information isn’t being sent to say where they can use it themselves six is to do three of the following so now I only have to do three of these which is good because there’s like eight different things so you can only use you only have to do three so for each project you complete copy the files to a back device like a USB or something like that and share the finished projects with your counselor so you can send it via email USB just any way they 

can it can transfer from one device to another so since there’s eight options I’m not going to list all eight I’m just gonna list some of the requirements that I did like the first one a using a spreadsheet and or a database program develop a food budget for a Patrol we can camp out or create a troop roster that includes the name rank Patrol and number of each Scout and for the spreadsheet you actually need to show the counselor that you can sort the roster by each of these categories a rank patrol and by name alphabetically and that was all requirement a requirement B which isn’t one of the other ones I did using a word processor write a draft letter to the parents of your troop Scouts inviting them to a troop event a good one to use this for is back in requirement five where it says to plan a Court of Honor if you are actually planning a court of honor you can use this one or you can have an invitation to the Court of Honor to you these Scouts parents and the troop Scouts to tell them about the Court of Honor that’s coming up so that’s just what I di.

for that and another one I did was requirement D using a presentation software program develop my port about a topic create at least five slides and with each one incorporating text in some kind of visuals such as photograph or illustrations and obviously I did this one because the presentation software program PowerPoint develop a topic about or sorry develop a report about a topic I usually do merit badges and the five slides I definitely have more than five slides and not all of them have text and photographs in each one but I try to make it so you have something to look at as you’re doing it one that has a lot of photograph and text would be my first aid merit badge one or my cooking requirements video those 

ones will be in the description for you guys to look at if you do if you haven’t already and the last one that I did I know this isn’t three but I still got more done just because I wanted to make a digital recording of your voice and transfer the file to a different device and have your counselor play back their recording once again there are eight choices so the other choices I did not mention will be in the description for you to look at the different options you have for requirement number six that was a very long one so get your thoughts collected moving on to number seven do the following you need to do all of them explain to your counselor each of these protections and why they exist copyright patents trademarks and trade secrets 7b says to explain when it is permissible to accept a free copy of a program

 from a friend 7c discussed an article or a news report about a legal case involving an intellectual property dispute and that’s it for seven moving on to number eight only two more requirements left and eight is one on the one where you can choose assisity two of the following so there’s like multiple choices so again I’m only gonna show here the two that I did if you want to know the other choices those will be in the description but 8a says to describe why is it why it is important to properly dispose of digital technology and to list at least three dangerous chemicals that could be used to create digital devices or used inside digital device the other one I did was 8e and that says to find a battery recycling air and near you and find out how it recycles batteries and share what you have learned with your 

counselor about the proper methods for recycling batteries and that’s it for 8 moving on to the last one 9 and there’s actually a couple of choices for this one too the first one is the Careers one where it says to investigate three career opportunities that involve digital technology pick one and find the education training and experience required for this profession and discussed with the counselor and explain what is profession might interest you the other option would be to a business or an industrial facility that uses digital technology and describe four ways digital technology is being used there and share what you have learned with your counselor so I just did the career ones just because I didn’t want to like find a business but if you do happen to find an industrial facility I think that’d be really nice to do like to go there and to find out how it works and stuff I’d be pretty interesting but once you get number-9 done that is the last requirement and that’s all the sub requirements too so thank you for watching my video on how to get the digital technology merit badge if you did enjoy it please like.

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