Find the teeth of an animal that lived 74 million years ago

The small mammal is believed to have lived in southern Patagonia
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Agencies – Abu Dhabi

Chilean Antarctic Institute said Thursday that researchers from Chile and Argentina found teeth in the remote Patagonia region of a mammal that lived 74 million years ago, the oldest remains of this kind discovered so far in the South American country.

Scientists have found small teeth in a drilling area near the Torres del Paine National Park, a remote area in Patagonia that is famous for its ice-covered Andes and frozen ocean waters.

It is believed that the small mammal lived in southern Patagonia in the late Cretaceous with dinosaurs, crocodiles, turtles and birds, according to an article in the Bulletin of the Natural History Museum in Chile.

University of Chile researcher Alexander Vargas described the mammal as a cornerstone of evolution between “mammals that lay eggs such as platypus … and follicular mammals.”

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