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Game of Thrones

In 1991, George Martin began working on the first book in the series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” He came out in 1996 under the name “Game of Thrones.” Today, the series has published five novels, several preface and excerpts from books written as separate stories. Martin’s book has become a bestseller, creating a universe of sites dedicated to the author developing his fans, and he himself was called Ronald Tolkien XXI century.

Screening cycle

The series grew in popularity. His author was repeatedly invited to participate in the film adaptation of the cycle, but he refused until such an offer was made by HBO. In the US alone, it has over 40 million viewers. In addition, it broadcasts in 50 countries, and its serials and programs are purchased in 150 more states. Martin agreed to shoot. Thus began work on the adaptation of the famous epic saga. The title of the film was given on the first book of the cycle – “Game of Thrones”. Shortly after the draft script was approved by the IEE, they began working on it in November 2008. The show of the fantasy series “The Game of Thrones”, whose artist has long generated many rumors, was held in the spring of 2011.

Cast selection for season 1

Many writers and part-time executive producers work on the production of the film. Each season works the creator of more than one episode epic saga.

From the very beginning, the series “Game of Thrones” whose cast was chosen for several months, there were a lot of rumors. The roles of their main characters were predicted by many major actors. Since the arrival of Martin fans’ books of his epic saga about the Seven Kingdoms, he believes that Tyrion Lannister’s role should go to American actor Peter Dinklage in terms of film adaptations. And so it happened – the first official information appeared that it has been approved for the role of the unpleasant son of the Lannister house.

Peter Dunklej – a talented actor with a difficult fortune. A rare genetic disease that stopped its growth at 135 centimeters, did not realize the dream to make and participate in dramatic productions. Dinklage’s fame began in 1995, when the “stationmaster” picture emerged with his participation. After the launch of the show “Playing Throne”, which featured many cast members, Peter Dunklej became incredibly popular. He is one of the lucky ones whose character lasted till the fifth season.

Needless to say, the cast of the series was successfully chosen “Throne of the Season First Play”. However it was not without changes even after the approval of all the roles. Caitlin Stark was to play Jennifer L., and she also managed to become a star in the pilot series. But then it became known that he would be replaced by Michelle Fairlagh.

Also, there was a replacement for the actress, who was to play the central character of the series – Daneris Targarin. She was Emilia Clark.

Stark House

Sean Bean was one of the brightest actors to play in the film adaptation of the famous saga. He brilliantly played the role of the ruler of the North, the great and loyal Edward Stark.

His eldest son, Robbie Stark, was played by Scottish actor Richard Madden. His account had several films before participating in the series. The role of the young king of the north brought him popularity and new roles.

Rob’s half-brother John Snow, Ed’s second son Hastark. The role went to Keith Harrington. Soon after graduating with dramatic skills he came into casting and was immediately approved for one of the central roles. He then got an offer to join the films “Silent Hill-2” and “Seventh Son”.

The series “Game of Thrones”, starring cast members including both iconic and unknown actors, paved the way for big cinema for many of its participants. It deals with two young actors playing the daughters of Edward Stark. The biggest, breath role went to Sophie Turner. This is the first time the 18-year-old actress has acted in a film. The youngest daughter, Aru, was played by 17-year-old Massey Williams. This is also his first role.

Lannister House

The two main representatives of this genus, the twins Cersey and Jam, were played by Lena Heidi and Nikolai Koster-Waldo.

One of the successes of the series is the acceptance of the role of Tywin Lannister, his father, British actor Charles Dance. A cruel, power-hungry and disciplined schemer was played by him.

Season 2

The second part of the series was filmed under the book “The Battle” Tharaja “. The action of the saga only appears, so the new characters appeared a little, and they were all secondary. Died – the right hand of King Edward Stark, ruler of the North.Apart from him, the series left Mark Eddy, who played the King Robert Barathon, whose premature death continued the battle for the Iron Throne.

The new faces in the series are Brennan Tart, played by Gwendolyn Christie, and Margery Tyrell by Natalie Dormer.

Series “Game of Thrones”: Cast (Season 3) – Tragic Change

This part of the series became the most tragic. George Martin is known as a writer who destroys characters without mercy, if the plot of the book is required. Season 3, shot on the first part of the book “The Storm of the Sword”, buried characters such as Rob and Caitlin Stark.

In the 9th series of the season, with the exception of the central characters dying, the others remained unchanged. The new face of the show was the wild living behind the wall mans raider by Ciaran Hinds, and the brother and sister and ruler of the world Zhoyena Reed, who came to the aid of the youngest son of the deceased Ed Stark.

Series “Game of Thrones”: Cast (Season 4) – New Characters

So, at the end of Part 3 of the saga, there are many central characters who have been with the audience for many years. History has begun to change, dead heroes have been replaced by new faces. The most striking of them was Dorian Prince Oberin Martel, played by Pedro Pascal.

The fourth part is also not without damage The central character young King Joffrey dies of poison in his marriage, and Oberin Martel dies during a battle with his deadly enemy, Gregor Kligan. Tywin Lannister was killed by Tyrion.

5 seasons

There is no analogy to the “Game of Thrones” series today. The artist, whose participants can be seen in the article, played a decisive role in the popularity of the project. Even the genius of George Martin’s works and the excellent work of the directors cannot provide the love and recognition of the audience, if not for the brilliant and harmonious drama of all the actors in the series. It has been officially extended for the fifth season, which viewers will see in 2015.

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