how to crop in illustrator – do you want to cut this shape up well I already know

 do you want to cut this shape up well I already know
how to crop in illustrator

 how to crop in illustrator what you’re thinking you’re already thinking eraser tool or maybe the scissors or the knife tool right don’t do it I want you to go and grab the pen tool yes I did say the pen tool or any other vector drawing tool for that matter okay with the pen tool I’m just going to put in a nice jagged line like so and I’ll just press command or control and then just click to finish that line off okay now guys I’m going to select both the paths that I just drew and the shape just here because I want to show you this is a common thing that people will do oh go up to object 

earth and divide objects below this is the command that we’re exploring today and when we choose that having selected both items this is the error message that we get basic illustrator saying hey you should be just selecting one item here so choose okay and then selecting just that part that I just true object path divided objects below now as soon as I do that the path that I had drawn disappears but check it out what I’m left with is the two halves dictated by that path that I just drew very cool okay I’ve got another couple of examples just here which I want to show you these two parts which cross the the rectangles are identical this one’s just got a big solid stroke on it and this one also has a fill in combination with a thinner 

stroke now if I select this path and go up to object path divide objects below actually I’ll just do the same on this guy just here object path objects below now if I select both of the right pieces just here and drag them away you can see the result is identical I just wanted you to see there guys the path did you draw its stroke we don’t care it’s full we don’t care illustrator is just using the path to divide any objects below now notice we’ve only been dividing single objects below well this example that I have just here like to show you how we can with one path divide multiple objects so if I go and grab my pen tool it might just reset my stroke to black and a fill of none again guys that doesn’t matter this is just for demonstration purposes only I’ll just draw myself a little path this dear select a path object path divide objects below and check it out we’ve got that nice and split going on just in there okay another I’d example to show you just here but these face just here and grabbing my pen tool and let’s draw a line rather brutal I know guys but cuts through the I just here like so so listen what result we get just here so if I select that line object path divided objects below okay so if I grab the orange part of the faces here sure enough that was divided now if I hover over the irons here we’ve got this line just here so you would think it’s been divided but if I grab this it moves as one piece what’s going on but we’ve hit selected you will notice the option up here highlighted for group so those eye elements were a group now the cut was indeed made the fire was – right mouse click and choose ungroup and select those pieces just now you can see now we actually get what we were expecting so guys this option we’ve been exploring it will cut 

how to crop in illustrator objects within groups you may just have to ungroup them if you’re trying to pull things apart for this view with a keen eye you might have noticed I drew that path which became our dividing path through this eyebrow or hair whatever this thing is I don’t know I drew this face so I should really know but you’ll notice that it didn’t actually cut this thing why not well let’s explore that in this second example just here this is the same identical face I drew a moment ago again grabbing my pen tool let’s destroy a similar line bridge air like so okay now let’s go up to the View menu and jump into outline mode that’s what’s going on just here so that eyebrow thing he goes that is still a path it just happens to have a variable stroke applied to it so that is the reason we weren’t getting a cut because but has come back into our preview mode what we thought was basically an outlined object is actually still a lot of power so the trick here is to simply select this guy go up to object expand appearance now if I go into view art one you can see it now looks like a regular piece of vector art similar to the other pieces that I have just down here if I come back into the preview mode just you I select that path object half and then divide objects below now you can see we’ve split that eyebrow thing you just up there so objects Earth divided objects below I hope that helps you with your illustrator drawing edge later guys you.

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