How To Learn 5G in 5 Minutes First of all

In the future, from 1G, 2G to 5G development, everyone will be engaged in frequency.
First of all, everyone should know that communication is divided into wired and wireless.
Wired such as copper wire, optical fiber, etc. Send wireless messages over the air.

Optically the optical fiber can go up to 26 TBPS.

However, wireless should not be able to achieve high speeds. Some telecommunications companies in Hong Kong boast that 4G is up to 600 Mbps, but the average internet speed in Hong Kong is only 17.73 Mbps, which is unmatched by wired. Therefore, 5G wireless will achieve high-speed point-to-point transmission, breaking the most important barrier!

Wireless communication uses electromagnetic waves for communication. Electromagnetic waves are divided into radio waves and light waves, and currently they communicate primarily with radio waves. Radio waves have different uses for different frequencies, including shipping, civil and military.

The frequency of radio waves used from 1G to 4G is getting higher and higher. The higher the radio frequency, the more data can be stored, such as moving from a good closet to a long and strong closet. The speed is also fast.

There are two frequency ranges for 5G:

FR1: One is below 6GHz (450 MHz ~ 6 GHz)
FR2: a type above 24GHz (24250 MHz ~ 52600 MHz)

The current test is 28GHz, follow to formula

Speed of light = wavelength x frequency
c = vλ

Count down
Wavelength = speed of light / frequency = 300,000,000m / s divided by 28GHz = 10.7 mm (mm)
So 5G claims to use Bombo

Everyone should know that the higher the frequency is, the shorter the wavelength is, and the transmission power is close to going straight, and the diffraction ability is worse. The attenuation is also greater. Just like a laser, the wavelength is thinner in nm, and can only be transmitted in a straight line, and it can’t be reached as soon as the object is blocked.

For one, the weakness of 5G is that the base station is much better than 4G. That is to say, the telecommunications company needs more money to start the base station. This is why Huawei is so popular.

There are two kinds of 5G base stations, micro base stations and macro base stations. Literally, the micro base station is very small, and the macro base station is very large.

We must understand that the communication frequency is getting higher and higher, the wavelength is getting shorter and shorter, and the antenna will also become shorter.
It is because the antenna is short, a mobile phone can have many antennas, it does not seem that the older brother and the older brother looked at you in a long outdoor line.

This brings out another strong point of 5G, Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), which means multiple inputs and multiple outputs, so I understand that in the future, the Internet of Things will use 5G. At that time, you can connect to the Internet at the same time. MIMO is useful.

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