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legion movie

legion movie hey all this is Jeremy Jones again and I just saw ya Legion I don’t know about you but I’ve heard people say this movie is offensive or blasphemous like if you see it somehow means you’ve had coupling with the beast yeah now it’s not offensive it’s poor construction shitty execution and generic characters and poor construction yeah I don’t care if I’ve already said that that’s what makes Legion horrible now I really wanted to like this movie legion movie or at least have fun with it a death squad of angels closing in on mankind making his last stand fighting shoulder to shoulder with a rogue angel should have been at the very least entertaining so the premise goes God is pissed off and is set to eradicate mankind and instead of doing something foolproof like say a supernova yeah I know God but I’m pretty sure that would do the trick God has set in motion a long drawn-out process using angels to wipe us out 

because if he executed an legion movie efficient plan we wouldn’t have the worst two hours I’ve seen on screen this year and I know this year is only three weeks in but I’m pretty sure this movie will take that title for a good couple weeks now one angel who’s gone rogue helps a group of who-cares fortifying maan pause diner to wait out the apocalypse specifically to keep alive one woman’s unborn child and then they’re met with a couple of waves of people possessed by angels who are trying to kill them angels that for the most part act like zombies meets the girl from the ring who ultimately led by an angel played by that one guy who plays a douche in everything and the characters offer nothing to this movie there’s a generic hodgepodge of characters that you would find in a movie like this they throw in a couple of deeper meaning of life monologues that you think are gonna be cool but they ultimately serve just to draw out the runtime of this movie now the big plot holes to just have you scratching your head in the movie ultimately happen in the last 30 minutes or so which I can’t go into without spoiling the movie for you but yeah the plot holes are there by the end of this movie you’re left with 101 

legion movie questions and then I realized that trying to pull logic reason or structure from the construct of this movie is like trying to pull logic from the plot of Pirates no not that pirates that pirates yeah ultimately this movie was like a bad version of the prophecy mixed with a bad version of the mist mixed with a really bad version of terminator so like I said I really wanted to like this movie as an action movie but a bad script horrible pacing forgettable characters and subpar acting just makes you forget about the movie by the time you get home from the theater yes officially when I walked out of this movie my one thought was that I would have rather watched slow agonising career suicide performed by the rock.

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