Information technology : When computer and communications technologies

Information technology: When computers and communication technologies give birth to themselves together in information technology “afvkyk”. The technology that tells the computer how information is through creativity, how it is secured, transferred, exchanged, and how widespread?

Usually, when we talk about information technology, keep in mind that their computers should be used and the information set for each variety are correlated. The characterization of information technology cognitively would be as follows.

Information creation, design, transfer, enhancement, improvement, support, and systematic scientific knowledge related to a computer are called information technology. Software (programs) can be an important component of information technology through information exchange, transfer rate, deposit rate, preservation and restoration of transmission, etc.

In the present day, this phrase gains a lot of benefits and there are many elements ITDarasgah nalyknalajy ‘in your circle. People associated with this field perform their duties in various fields of networking, installation, and database. Not only this, but the organization of data management, networking, hardware, engineering, software designing, web designing, and computing systems across the organization is the result of the hard work of experts in this field.

The term was first invented in November 1981 by Jim Damsick of Michigan. Damascus worked as a computer manager in an automotive company. His conclusion was that “ḍyṭaprvsys” full term, 1958 was used, now there is work, therefore, in view of technology development and innovation, it is a new term jvṛjy and a place for information technology should be called

Currently, the region is being established in universities in all countries of the world, with a large number of experts in this field rendering their services to various institutions, making the progress of each country sustainable.

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