Intel’s personnel shock bomb, the chief engineer resigns, the technical department is divided into five

Intel's personnel shock bomb

Intel throws a shock bomb on personnel, the chief engineer leaves the technical department is divided into five (Picture: AFP)

Intel (INTC-US) threw a personnel shock bomb on Monday (27th), announcing that the chief engineer Murthy Renduchintala will leave. The technical department is divided into five teams. This is the latest trend since Intel’s financial report last week revealed or outsourced chip production.

Ann Kelleher, who has 24 years of experience at Intel, will lead the 7nm and 5nm chip development. Intel said last week that 7nm CPUs will be launched six months later than scheduled, and in order to maintain product competitiveness, it does not rule out contract manufacturing. The market is optimistic that TSMC (2330-US) will benefit.

Intel is reorganizing its technology, system architecture, and customer base, and the head of the new team will report directly to CEO Bob Swan.

Renduchintala was originally responsible for a wide range of businesses. He joined Intel in 2015 and is regarded as an important executive with power second only to Swann. He served as Executive Vice President of Qualcomm (QCOM-US) and has served as a director of Accenture (ACN-US) since April 2018.

Intel has always been known for cultivating and promoting talents internally, while Renduchintala is one of the few high-level talents recruited from outside. At that time, Intel sought this Silicon Valley veteran to expand its business focus from CPUs to a wider range of products. He will resign on August 3.

Intel sold its mobile phone data chip business to Apple last year at a price tag of $1 billion. In addition, in November last year, Swann told investors that Intel would catch up with the first 7-nanometer process in early 2021, but this plan was disrupted last week because of the backward process.

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