Lift Every Voice and Sing: Proper training to steadily

Lift Every Voice and Sing

Are you worried because your voice is small? It is often heard back in everyday life, and even when I go to karaoke, my song is completely erased. .. Even if you try to make a loud voice, if you only make a screaming voice or a yelling voice, your throat will hurt and you don’t like it. I will introduce how to increase the volume of your voice with a clean voice.

  • What is voice volume
(1) What is the voice volume?

voice volume

The word voice volume has the meaning of voice volume and voice volume

But it has more important implications.
It is not the voice volume but the sound strength of the voice.
You can also say that you can make a loud voice simply because the volume is high.
However, simply loud voices are noisy and uncomfortable.
(2) What is comfortable voice volume?

Resonance and resonance are factors that make the voice loud and comfortable to listen to.
Resonance and resonance accentuate intonation and cleanliness of the voice, so it is comfortable to listen to.
Being able to express these resonances and resonances will allow you to produce a voice with the same strain on your throat as whispering.
Is there only abdominal muscles to boost your voice?

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To increase your voice, you need to control your throat and breath as well as your muscles.
Here are three ways to control it well.
(1) Train muscles

The reason you train your abs to increase your voice is to control your diaphragm better.
If your abs are weak, abdominal breathing will not work well.
The best way to train your abs is to use simple muscle training.
However, if you exercise too hard and your muscles become too hard, it may interfere with your vocalization.
When exercising, be sure to stretch your muscles at the same time to avoid getting too hard.
(2) Consciousness to constantly lower the throat

Too much force on your throat can cause it to dry out and hurt.
In addition, you will lose your physical strength and become tired easily.
This vicious cycle puts more strain on the throat and makes it impossible to maintain a clean voice.
In order to reduce the power of the throat, it is necessary to have “always lowering consciousness”.
When you get tense, you will naturally raise your shoulders, but so will your throat.
If you change your consciousness, your behavior will change and the results will change.
First of all, please start by being aware.
(3) How to breathe

If your breathing is disturbed or if each breath is small, your voice volume will be low.
The point to be resolved is to first intuitively understand “breathing” and “exhaling.”
To understand this feeling, practicing inflating a balloon is easy to understand.
Above all, it is important to focus on sending air to one place.
Be careful of your oxygen deficiency and take breaks to get your breathing ready when you become distressed.
If you overdo it, it will not continue.
It’s important to do it every day, in a way that feels fun.
Before karaoke or important announcement! Easy training to boost your voice

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Here’s a training that anyone can easily do to increase their volume.
Please give it a try before important announcements such as karaoke, chorus, and theater.
(1) Abdominal breathing by moving the diaphragm using PET bottles

 Prepare a plastic bottle.
 Exhale slowly with the image of emptying the lungs.Vomit up to the limit that you can’t vomit any more.
 Add a plastic bottle and inhale the air as much as you want.If the plastic bottle is crushed, it is a success because you can breathe firmly.
 From the inhaled state, exhale while making a loud voice.
*2.4. repeat.
(2) Abdominal breathing by moving the diaphragm using tissue

Prepare one tissue.
Put it on your forehead with tape, or hold it with your hand and place it in a fixed state to cover your face.
 Exhale and the tissue is on your head.
*1.2. repeat.
 Abdominal breathing by moving the diaphragm (using a straw)
 Take a breath with all your might.
 While inhaling, exhale slowly with a straw for 10 seconds.
*1.2. repeat.
Be careful with self-study boy training!

boy training circuit training

There is no doubt that listening to a third party for advice is a shortcut to improvement.
However, I think there are circumstances and situations in which you must self-teach.
Here are some points to watch out for.
(1) Check voice condition
Training anyway is not efficient. You need to be conscious of training while always thinking about areas where your voice is not enough. It is very important to check and understand your voice condition frequently. As a check item, first check the muscle balance between the ground voice and the back voice. The first goal is to be able to speak with the same balance between the ground voice and the undertone.
(2) Record

Even if you think that you were able to speak well, it may sound completely different when you actually record and listen to it.
Recent smartphones are equipped with a recording function app from the beginning, so please take advantage of it.
If the operation is difficult, you can record it as a video.
(3) Voice separation

The fusion of voices is postponed.
If you start practicing fusion without separating the voices, the vocalization will go in a bad direction.
First of all, please work on the following three as a practice of voice separation.
  • Practicing the back voice and the falset to breathe cleanly

  • Practice to make clear voices for the ground and back voice
  • Falset practice in the low range
I can do it at home so let’s continue! Boy Trek Tips

Lift Every Voice and Sing

It is best to have a specialist listen carefully to your voice and to give detailed guidance.
However, for those who have given up on school due to money and time issues, try the boyore at home.
I think it will take more time than it takes to get the advice from a professional voice trainer, but please give it a try.
(1) Speak in the bath

The advantage of practicing in the bath is that you gain confidence in your voice.
Even if you don’t actually resonate at all, it sounds like it resonates in the bath, which makes you feel better.
Getting to know your voice and becoming fond of it is the first step toward improvement.
(2) Facial muscle training

Training to produce all vowels and consonants.
Do this silently and only in the shape of your mouth.
For the “A”, “I” and “E” steps, the facial muscles should be firmly raised.
At the “U” and “O” stages, your mouth should be narrow.
You can see that the facial muscles become painful when you speak all the words while moving your mouth clearly.
(If you don’t use it everyday, the pain will increase.
You understand that increasing voice volume is not just about increasing voice volume. It is recommended that you practice steadily increasing your voice volume by having a specialized voice trainer guide you so that you can show a practice method that suits you better. If you can’t start right away due to time or money, please try the training I introduced. I pray that it will bring you closer to your ideal singing voice.

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