Microsoft will integrate the new Edge browser in the next major Windows 10 update

Windows 10 update

Microsoft plans to integrate the all-new Edge web browser into the Windows 10 operating system later this year, with the aim of making it easier for users to gain access to the browser it relies heavily on after its previous browsers failed.

The American technology giant launched the browser based on the Chromium browser from Google – the same browser on which popular browsers are built, most notably Chrome browser from Google – last January, but since then users have had to download it separately.

And as of the next big update to Windows 10 currently called 20H2 – because it will be launched during the second half of 2020 – Edge will be integrated into the system, which was revealed by the beta version of the update that the company began testing with the subscribers of its Windows Insiders trial program starting today. .

It is noteworthy that Microsoft had mentioned Microsoft earlier this month in a support article that the new (Edge) has become available via Windows 10 updates, which means that it will be downloaded soon in more than a billion computers running Windows 10.

In recent months Microsoft has been working to gradually improve the EDGE experience, including the ability to synchronize extensions. Now it is expected to support registry syncing and tabs, and the company has promised to support that next summer.

Microsoft also plans to bring vertical tabs, a new feature for sidebar search, and integration with Pinterest in the coming months. Microsoft is also working with Google to improve support for spell checker and rollover, and is also working to improve PWA (Progressive Web Applications) support in Edge.

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