New initiative speed car wash started to facilitate sanitization of various vehicles

New technique of car washing will be helpful in rescue from coronavirus in Begusarai district

Begusarai. The facility of sanitizing cars of various models has been introduced in the car cleaning speed car wash with European technology. Giving information about the sanitization process, JP Ishwar, the operator of the showroom, told that in Speed ​​Car Wash all the vehicles are now sanitized along with washing. This is an additional washing process that eliminates germs inside and outside the car with the appropriate chemical. After this process, the car is fully secured.

He said that as before, all the washing process has been resumed after the relaxation of the lockdown, which is only from 9 am to 5 pm daily. JP Ishwar said that in the Speed Car Wash, cleaning of cars with new technology is done by the Liv India Company through modern technologies from the foreign company’s collaboration without cleaning the vehicles on the surface.

This technology is considered the best in the Otto mobile sector, especially for Euro 4 vehicles. He said that there are six types of car wash systems in which gold wash, platinum wash, intensive internal cleaning, wax rubbing and buffed, paint protection coats and teflon coating, solitary ceramic car coating are available at different rates. Additionally, there is a provision of servicing of a two-wheeler. Which makes the vehicle shiny by doing special protection. The color of the car is protected through the Solitaire Ceramic Car Coating. Which does not allow the original color of the ultraviolet light car.

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