Nintendo Switch Games Solve the drift problem. I tried using Joy con touch pad

Can be operated wirelessly!

“Drift problem” is a problem in Nintendo Switch’s joy con, in which the direction is subtly input without touching it. In order to solve this, a hacker who replaced his touchpad with his own time while living was introduced.

Replace with a circular capacitance sensor

According to, the original analogue stick used to be a two-channel potentiometer (variable resistor) and push button that converts rotation angle and movement amount into voltage, but with his hand a circular capacitance sensor. It has been exchanged for. This sensor has 63 levels of pressure sensitivity, and the pushing operation is also reproduced. The dual channel ADC (analog-digital conversion circuit) was bitten there, and the mapping control was performed with Arduino Pro Mini.

In this hack, the board and wiring are still attached directly to the back of the joy con, but Medium‘s contribution article says that it is considering compacting so that it will fit inside the case in the future. Also, if there is investment from people who want this controller, it seems that they are considering commercialization.

Class action lawsuit on drift issue

In the United States, users are enthusiastic about solving this drift problem so that there are class actions. Maybe one of the solutions is this touchpad.

This idea was born from a simple solution that there is no joystick = no drift … How about Nintendo?

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