Science and Technology – Other Entries of the Segment

Technology: For the purpose of knowledge, the most sophisticated knowledge in the human environment is called “technology”. Art, technology, and resources that make human life easier, steal ‘technology’. Much of the “how, why, and what” of science is associated with natural decay and objects; much attention is paid to the appearance of objects in technology. In prehistoric times, as humans learned to use tools, technology came into being. For thousands of years, the use of technology, crafts, and stone making was limited. In this field, great progress has been made since the time when alternative machines for human labor have begun to be made, from that time onwards, technological advances continue to take place, where the principles of science begin to be applied practically in the ordinary course of life. , There are advances in technology, providing more advanced tools for scientific research. Another aspect of science and technology is the continuation of the process, which is affecting the lives of human beings in countless ways. In today’s busy and emergency life, the rate of technological advancement to meet basic needs is much higher than ever, though its negative consequences appear to be a threat to environmental turmoil.

In the Paleolithic Age, humans first tried to visit small rocks so that a specific type of work could take place. It is estimated that the first stone has to be carved. Afterward, the tops of the stone fragments would have been shaped into the blue. After that the stone will be heavy, all made of stone. These weights helped humans to find shelter in food and caves.

About 20,000 years ago, the snow started flowing from the land, creating lakes, rivers, and jungles. Humans came out of the caves, boats and arrows were invented, fish and other animals began to suffer. Treehouses were made to cut down trees. But the first revolution in engineering and technological art can be traced back to around 8,000 years ago. When agriculture began. So humans started living in small villages and vistas and started breeding animals. About three thousand years BC. By the time major towns and cities had begun to emerge. Under different needs and facilities, this civilization, the riverbank, came into being and the first development was in the Nile Valley (Egypt). Where all the residents of the Nile River needed joint support to benefit from the village.

Another center of civilization was Babylon, which is visible in the Indus and the Indus, on the banks of the Dajjal and the Euphrates. The people of Dagel and Euphrates Valley invented the ship. The first ship was built of wood (in Sindh the ship is still made of wood today). After that, the rise of the Greeks began. Their focus was more on the principles of knowledge and science than on the practical business. It could be said that they were the founders of scientific theory. For practical use, these simple analyzes of the characteristics of Wedge, Lever, Pulley, and Iron Sheikh were performed. Archimedes and Heroes are well known for their practical use in physics and mathematics.

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