The result of the giant snake anaconda being eaten alive …

The definition of naturalist is likely to change.

A little while ago, the news that a missing man was found dead in the body of a 7-meter-long python shattered the world. It is believed that the man alone went to farm work and was attacked by a large snake from behind.

We can’t even imagine how big a body, endurance muscles, smooth scales coated with high-performance oil, and the suffering of a targeted man have suffered. After all, if I had experienced it, I would never have the chance to talk about it, I thought!

Moreover, he was not the world’s longest but relatively light weight python, and he was eaten alive by Amazon’s Oa anaconda (green anaconda), which is not uncommon to exceed 100 kg.

Check out some of the documentary film “Eaten Alive” that a daredevil naturalist struggles with.

“Eaten Alive” is a documentary featured on the Discovery Channel, and the actual “eat” was 27-year-old naturalist Paul Rosory. He has come into contact with Oo Anaconda many times before, and he wears a custom-made anti-snake suit and decides to become a prey to know the power of Oo Anaconda.

Anacondas of this size can easily feed on mammals such as deer, jaguars and pigs. Of course, humans are in the morning.

However, no matter how much anaconda you eat, choose the one you want to eat. You wouldn’t want to eat a human in a dubious suit smeared with pig blood. When Lozory approached, she showed a runaway attitude. However, as a naturalist, he does not give up. Finally, the long-sought Oo Anaconda entangled the giant …!

At first, Rosory, who broadcasts live with a slightly excited voice. The images captured by the drone are too surreal. As the crew watched, he moved with pain and said, “It’s terribly heavy. I feel tremendous pressure. I’ll do my best to stay calm.” However, this video ends with the breathlessness, “I can’t hold this suit, I might die …”.

It is a continuation to be worried about, but you can check it in the video uploaded by Vox

This is a video that also introduces Twitter comments of scientists who muttered about “Eaten Alive”, but you can see the situation from around 1:50 to giving up.

Mr. Lozoly becomes quieter and his heart rate rises sharply. Ouanaconda opened his mouth wide, trying to swallow it from his head, and tension was felt throughout the crew. At last, Rosory, who felt the limit, gave up. The rushed crew pulled Ooanaconda away (I couldn’t beat it because it was so easy).

Rozoly, who took off his suit, had a clear mark on his arm, telling how tight the tightening was. You will be overwhelmed by the power of Oo Anaconda, which cannot be beaten even with a custom-made suit.

Strictly speaking, it is not “I tried to eat it alive”, but it can only be said that it is lucky for both parties that it did not tear the belly of Ooanaconda who cooperated in the experiment.

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