USM library Celebrating the opening ceremony

USM library

USM, Kabakan. The University of Southern Mindau Main Campus officially opened the newly renovated University Learning Resource Restaurant (ULRC) on August 5, 2019, during the Ribbon Cutting A B Breaking Program.

Improvements and renovations of the University Library Library 4.0 was based on concepts and models of the environment based on intelligence, large-scale data, augmented reality, contextual awareness, modern displays and unlimited creative space. This shift in 21st century learning resources attracts the interest of students, faculty, alumni, university populations and outside researchers as 21st century readers.

In her inaugural address, Dr. Anita C. Sornito, Director of Libraries, emphasized that Library 4.0 adaptation to the idea of contextual technology with unlimited access, open source, free and big data, cloud service. There is something to be done. , Access to e-books and electronics payments. He also said that Librarians 4.0 are now more trained, capable, modern, technically skilled and creative.

USM Library and Center for Modern Education

USM library

Brown, Mitchell, and Alexander Ink (BMA) worked with Studio South Architects to provide topographic surveys, civil engineering, permit coordination, and construction phase services for the construction of library and advanced education center facilities on the Gulf of Southern Mississippi. Park campus in Long Beach, Michigan.
Civil engineering services included site layout planning, leveling and drainage planning, erosion control planning, and pedestrian bridge design over Bear Creek on the campus, connecting the two buildings. The total project cost is $4-5 million.

Scope of Services Provided:

  • Civil design
  • Create contracts, specifications, construction plans
  • Construction management and observation services
  • Coordination of environmental permits
  • Survey

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