We are reviewing the films: Gemini Man – standard technology

Gemini Man

AFTER getting the chance to watch Ang Lee’s movie “Gemini Man” before it comes out in theaters on October 11, I am very much aware of how the technology has been used.

This movie starring Will Smith as the main character and filmed under Paramount Pictures, used 3D + image technology to create the image of the viewer and produce images in a fast and enjoyable way.

Smith mimics the role of Henry Brogan (51) who wants to retire when he finds himself in the company of a cloned but younger man.

In the movie, Henry (51) has forced him to change Henry Junior’s mind (23) to defeat him since they had the same fighting style, skill and tactics to deal with their opponents.

The movie really impressed me with how it was done, and seeing one actor play two places at the same time as Generations by Zinzi and Zoleka played by Sthandiwe Kgoroge.

According to the actor who has collected numerous awards overseas, Will Smith, this kind of technology has never been used in films that for the first time in 3D + say that he was also happy to be a part of it.

In my opinion, this movie will be enjoyed by young people because it mimics Will Smith in it, especially in these technological times that I would like to see behind us better than our predecessors.

What I can promise you is that watching it in the cinema is not the same as watching it on your television, it takes you through episode by episode. It does them justice and that it’s just more enjoyable than television.

I’m not saying that you can’t watch movies on TV or they can be bought on their dvd, but it’s fine if you ever visit the cinema first to see that movie on the big screen before you go to television.

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