What is a basic information engineer? Job types that allow

What is a basic information engineer?

It is a national qualification that proves that IT people, including IT engineers, have basic skills and knowledge and can perform business under the guidance of superiors.

Basic information engineer’s role and work content

After passing the basic information engineer examination, you will be required to provide IT-related solutions, products, and services.

For example
Develop a strategic plan using information technology for the problems facing clients
.As an engineer, design and develop the system, and build a highly reliable and productive system.
.Support the operation and maintenance of the constructed system
These are specific tasks.

Job types that can utilize the knowledge of the basic 
information engineer examination
In-house engineer

As the name suggests, the in-house engineer is the type of job responsible for planning internal information systems and ensuring stable system operation.

The role varies from company to company, but in many cases, instead of being solely in charge of development, we often use IT knowledge to engage in management. The basic information engineer exam has the basic knowledge about IT, as well as questions from the fields of management and strategy, so you can utilize the content you have learned in your work.

Software Engineer

A software engineer is a person who is in charge of software design and programming.
Software is a wide range of applications running on personal computers to electronic devices. As a software engineer, you can acquire the minimum IT knowledge and the logical way of thinking necessary for information processing in the basic information engineer examination.

Network system engineer

A network system engineer is a job that performs everything from the design and construction of computer networks to the operation and maintenance.

Network system engineers use various techniques necessary for data communication to design networks. Knowledge of networks and security is especially required in the scope of the basic information engineer examination.

Sales engineer

A sales engineer is a type of job that mainly involves sales while having specialized knowledge.

It is required to coordinate and negotiate with the engineer on the client-side to make proposals and sales to introduce the system. Even if you don’t create your own system, you need to have a wide range of IT knowledge because you have to talk to clients on an equal footing.

By studying a wide range of basic information engineer examinations, you can lay the foundation for deeper knowledge.

The basic information engineer test is a test that proves that you have basic knowledge and skills as an information processing engineer.

It is intended for people involved in IT, including IT engineers. This test is recommended as the first step toward becoming an IT human resource. As one of the information processing engineer tests, the test is being conducted by the IPA (Information Processing Promotion Organization).

It is a test that belongs to Level 2 of the IPA information processing engineer test and is a level that requires the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional.

contents of the test

It can be broadly divided into strategy type (general management), management type (IT management), and technology type (IT technology).

There are also questions about algorithms and programming languages that ask about actual program behavior and rules.

The exam is divided into morning and afternoon questions.

In the morning question, you will answer 80 questions in a small question format. The test time is 150 minutes. Afternoon questions will be answered in 7 out of 13 long-format questions. The test time is 150 minutes. If you can get 60 points or more out of 100 in both morning and afternoon, you will pass.

Pass rate and difficulty

The passing rate of the spring test in 2019 was 22.2%.

Considering that the pass rate of the IT passport test, which is level 1 in the IPA test category, is 48.8%, it is a little more difficult than the IT passport. However, the pass rate is high compared to other IPA national qualifications.

Exam qualification

There is no particular eligibility to take the exam.

All IPA exams are not eligible, so you can take any exam you like.

Since the basic information engineer exam is at level 2, if you have never touched IT at all, it will be difficult for you to stumble upon learning if you take the IT passport exam at level 1.

Exam schedule
Every year, spring test (April) and fall test (October) are held twice a year.

Exam fee
5,700 yen (tax included)

How to apply

You can apply for the test from the IPA website.

Basic information engineers improve their skills! List of related qualifications and exams
Applied Information Engineer Exam

The applied information engineer test is a test for those who aim to become IT engineers. It is a Level 3 exam, which is one level higher than the basic information engineer exam. It is the most difficult test among the tests that ask the comprehensive power of IT, regardless of the specific field.

IT Strategist Exam
IT Strategist is an exam for strategists who connect business with IT. This qualification is recommended for those who aim to become an IT consultant who builds a business strategy utilizing IT.

System architect test
The system architect test is for those who aim to play a leading role in upstream processes in system development.

Project manager exam
The Project Manager Exam is the best exam for those who aim to be the manager who plans, manages, and operates projects. This exam requires knowledge of personnel, resources, budget, process, and quality to manage the project smoothly.

Network Specialist Exam
The Network Specialist test is ideal for those who are familiar with network technologies and services and who aim to become network engineers or infrastructure engineers. Since network technologies and services continue to evolve day by day, it is important to consider whether we can build an optimal system while incorporating new knowledge.

Database Specialist Exam
The database specialist exam is recommended for those who aim to become database administrators or infrastructure engineers who make full use of databases in their business. Knowledge and practical ability for grasping trends in database technology and developing, operating, and maintaining high-quality databases are required.

Get a basic information engineer qualification and gain IT basics
Regarding the qualifications for the basic information engineer examination, we have summarized the examination outline, difficulty level, and higher qualifications for skill improvement.

.The Basic Information Technician Exam is an examination that asks for basic knowledge and skills to work in the IT industry.
.Ideal for acquiring basic knowledge and skills that can be utilized in the IT industry

It can be said that the basic information engineer examination has a relatively high pass rate among IPA national qualifications and is easy to obtain. After passing the basic information engineer’s exam, try the higher-level exams such as the applied information engineer’s exam to improve your skills.

Recommended for busy people! STUDYing Basic Information Technology Examination Course
STUDYing” is an online qualification course that has exceeded 30,000 students.

The learning flow is set up so that you can achieve the passing level by learning in sequence without having to make your own learning plan.

You will be able to practice in a lot of ways, and you will be able to acquire the ability to pass without difficulty in a short time. Also, since it is compatible with multiple devices, you can take classes on smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

Top Reasons to Use a Job Change Agent for Job Change Activities

If you think about changing jobs, we recommend using a changing agent first.

I have a vacancy that I have only a career change agent

Because you can do documents and selection measures for free
Possible to change jobs efficiently
Easy to negotiate terms

Using the career change agent has the advantages described above, but the biggest advantage is that there are private jobs available only for the career change agent.

Depending on the company, the mid-career recruitment job offer may only request a specific job transfer agent or may disclose the job offer information only to the job transfer agent without making it publicly available.

You will not be able to find such jobs as long as you personally change jobs. The only way to apply for a private job is to use a career change agent.

In addition, the passing rate is improved by selection measures, the schedule adjustment and communication with each company can be delegated, and it is easy to negotiate annual income and other conditions, but the greatest merit is “There are jobs that only have career change agents.”

We recommend using two major companies and one highly specialized agent.

Earlier, I explained that the biggest advantage of the job change agent is the closed job offer.
In general, the largest hiring agents have the most private jobs.

On the other hand, the number of job seekers specialized in specific areas is not as large as that of large companies. However, we have a wealth of non-public job offers and information from companies in our area of ​​strength.

Therefore, it is good practice for a career change agent to use two to three major career change agents and one strong career change agent in a specific area of ​​interest.

It is recommended that you use the job offers introduced by a major career change agent to understand the market views of the career change market as a whole and ask the agents in a specific area for details about the area of ​​interest.

We recommend using multiple large career change agents because of the compatibility with the person in charge.

Since we will be in close contact with the career change agent for a certain period of time, let’s choose a person with good compatibility and a reliable person.

For that purpose, you should use multiple career change agents and choose one that you can trust.

Next, we will introduce the major job change agents that we can recommend and professional/specialized agents.

Recommended major career change agents
Major job-changing agents are also actively advertising, and you may know many services.

These large-scale job transfer agents have a large number of vacancies and can handle various types of people. It can be said that it is a career change agent that can be recommended to anyone.

Recommended professional/specialized career change agent
Professional or specialized career change agents generally do not have a high profile because they do not carry out mass promotions such as commercials.

However, in specialized fields, we may have experience and information that exceeds that of major companies.

.Explanation of the hiring background
.Detailed explanation of the job offer
.Document selection measures
.Interview preparation

Professional-type career change agents tend to carefully support job change activities as described above.

Those who want to provide polite support, or who have a certain degree of interest, should actively utilize it.

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